Leading motor insurance underwriter to brokers in South Africa


  • To remove inefficient, labour intensive processes and become fully automated.
  • To become paperless and attain the highest levels of accuracy.
  • To reduce the costs associated with digital storage.

As a leading motor underwriter in South Africa, Execuline’s 50 strong staff review 2,000 documents per day and there may be as many as 4 claims attached to each client. And yet Execuline Director, Yolande Moseley, maintains that, “File accuracy is 100% through Volume.”
She says, “Volume works a charm every day. Our documents and claim numbers drive the system, which is fully automated. Staff efficiency has improved dramatically as the system, requires no indexing or filing and minimal intervention. We demand 100% accuracy and we get it with Volume, always.”

“The assurance and efficiency of Volume means that each of our 50 staff saves half an hour per day, everyday.”
Yolande Moseley

She continues, “When deciding which system to go for a big plus for us and our team was the way that our documents in Volume can be viewed like a book, page by page, and in chronological order.” She adds, “The other major saving was in technology costs. Watermark technology helped us to compress 1,000 GB to just 90 GB.”
“Although we are based more than 8,000 miles away, the implementation, training and deployment across our business was incredibly straightforward. I would have no hesitation in recommending Volume to any organisation where accuracy and efficiency of documentation is essential, as well as a regulatory imperative.”
She continues, ”The great thing about the Volume system is that we’ve been able to set up a number of templates, so that every member of the administration team works in the same way. It’s locked down, efficient and provides huge benefits from a compliance perspective.”
“Overall Volume has been the ideal solution for us, simple to introduce, even for multiple sites, and staff have embraced the change to Volume far quicker than we anticipated.”