A brief introduction to our brand new cloud-based document management system, Papercloud, which will transform the way you manage documents.

An effective document management solution shouldn’t require the abandonment of all current working processes. What it can do, however, is make them more streamlined and efficient, so staff and teams can work more effectively; freeing up time to focus on more productive tasks. Our latest offering, Papercloud Elite (Papercloud) does just that!

As a true cloud-based document management system which is accessed via the web, Papercloud is designed to make both the storage and management of data as easy and as accessible as possible, without causing disruptions to current ways of working.

Due to the fact it can incorporate existing Microsoft Windows and email structures, users find that the transition from their current methods to Papercloud is both simple and smooth. Papercloud also prides itself on being unique in the way that it incorporates the look and flexibility of working with paper.

And what’s more, as it is accessed using the internet, there is no requirement for installation or regular maintenance – all technological aspects are handled by experts, and it is regularly updated.

What features does it contain?

One of Papercloud’s important features comes in the way it manages data retention. Data can be retained within the system in ‘bins’ or deleted permanently.

The layout of a file is intuitive and easy to follow, but should a document be misfiled or appear to be lost, Papercloud’s search functionality allows for a quick and easy recovery.

Virtual printing and scanning are features which allow users to print and scan directly into Papercloud using local and USB linked devices, meaning that moving data from a physical to digital format is quick and manageable.

Likewise, consistency is provided, and admin time reduced, by Papercloud’s template system which can, if required, easily replicate whatever existing file structures are already in use.

How can it benefit small businesses?

Using Papercloud can greatly assist a small business in the way it runs, and it contributes hugely to both time-saving and cost-cutting measures.

The fact that it is fully managed remotely by product specialists means no in-house experts are required, and that a detailed technical knowledge is not in any way necessary. It is simple and intuitive to use, with support resources on hand, if needed.

Access to Papercloud can be made on any device thanks to its cross-platform compatibility, meaning that no new equipment is required, and practices that small businesses may favour, such as remote working, can be effectively implemented.

As storage is unlimited, small businesses can potentially free up valuable office space as the need to find locations for physical copies of data can be removed.

Papercloud encourages businesses to take the first steps towards becoming a paperless office, without a complete overhaul of familiar processes.

Your business can save money on printing and costs associated with paper filing. Streamline your document management processes with Papercloud and become more efficient as a business.

Is Papercloud secure?

Always of concern to any business looking to adopt new ways of working with data storage is how secure things will be.

Papercloud offers multi-layered encryption security levels to help instil confidence that it is as secure as possible. ISO27001, the international standard for information management, is adhered to.

Backups are automatically undertaken and are made over numerous geographical locations, meaning that there is no single point of failure. Should something go wrong somewhere, it will be backed up at many other locations.

In the unfortunate event of a ransom attack, Papercloud has full ransomware resilience, and users need simply to reset and reconnect to their data, with no information lost or captured.

Papercloud also offers individual user logins, meaning that a clear trail of usage can be given for any access to documents by employees. Any changes and alterations made can also be monitored this way, with full document history available.

For those that want local hosting, an alternative comes in the form of Watermark Technologies’ Volume, locally-hosted document management software. Installed and hosted within an office environment, it allows all aspects of data storage and use to be controlled by the user.

Make an enquiry with Watermark Technologies today to save time and money for your small business through effective document management.