Many businesses’ have trialled document management systems and attempted to go paperless. However, the transition can seem a lot of effort and hard work as many systems force users to change the way they work; this often results in some documents being kept digitally and others being kept as paper- some replicated and kept in both formats leading to documents getting misfiled and lost.
Volume has been designed to replicate existing office processes. The system is simple, flexible and user friendly. One of our user’s favourite features is ‘drag and drop’ which allows documents to be moved and reordered at the click of a mouse.

It’s important to find the right solution for your business

A number of Volume users were fearful to adopt a new document management system (dms) after previous bad experiences. Alex, Director of A D Associates originally trialled Volume to perform a comparison of Volume against another dms after a bad experience; here’s an insight into his findings…
Alex set up two identical computers, one with their dms and one with Volume. This allowed for a direct and unbiased comparison between the 2 document management programs. The aim was to measure speed, reliability and ease of use. The features of both systems were compared including: simple filing of letters and scans; document display times; searches; 1st integration (AD Associates back-office system); and ease of use.

Objective of the test

To compare the speed and efficiency of Volume versus alternative dms for:

  • Speed of scanning and filing
  • Speed of processing Word and other Microsoft Office documents
  • OCR search results
  • Display filed documents

Results of the test

  • Volume consistently faster in scanning by a factor of 3+.
  • Volume processing time 3 times faster.
  • Volume’s OCR improved recognition of poorer quality document scans with faster search and display times.
  • Volume document display 6 times faster.

According to Alex, “The results were both surprising and unequivocal, Since we installed Volume across our whole system, we have had no downtime whatsoever. No crashes, no missing documents. Staff have found it so easy to use that they use it at every opportunity. From the outset the set up was fuss free, and there was no disruption to staff. Within an hour’s worth of training staff were setting up new client files and displaying documents. We didn’t have to figure out, ”how do we?” it was obvious from the start.”

Don’t presume that all document management systems are the same

If you haven’t yet found the right dms for your company try Volume – it is genuinely different do all other document management systems.
“We were initially introduced to Watermark’s software ‘Volume’ through our local 1st User Group. Having been a user of Invu we were initially reluctant to consider another system for file storage but it quickly became apparent that the Volume system was far more user friendly. Watermark worked with us to transfer all our existing data from Invu, which was invaluable. The set up and use of the system is intuitive and has been so easy to roll out to the team that it is now considered a ‘must have’ by everyone.”
Alison Fry, Director Whitman fry

Consider Volume if you are looking for…

  • A consistent approach to filing which can be applied across multiple sites with remote access.
  • Customisable filing/ access structure that can be tailored to existing work processes.
  • Secure, scalable, high performance technology.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office, Outlook and Advisor Office.
  • Compliant with regulatory rules and legal admissibility.
  • Access on the go.

“Going paperless revolutionised our business and the success of this is largely down to the ease of use and functionality of Volume”
Malcolm Steel, Mearns & Company