Just a word of thanks to you and your team for the guidance and never failing assistance in setting up Volume.

With a bit of planning and dedication from all involved we were able to import our client database from Caseware Time into Volume and then structure our database into cabinets and folders that mimic the filing structures of our and most accounting practices. An added bonus was then to create a template that followed the filing structure of Caseware Working Papers.

The benefits for our practice were felt almost immediately with, for example, being able to send client working paper files for review without printing out reams (read as expensive) of paper and the concomitant cost of then having to do the filing. Back scanning is progressing well having created the correct file structures in advance and we look forward, in the not too distant future, of being able to create at least one vacant office previously populated with metal filing cabinets.

Once again, thank the team for everything.

Kind regards