Going paperless certainly requires a massive mind shift, but once we calculated the savings to our business it was an easy decision to make.

For some time, we had been thinking of the move and investigated several options. Fortunately, the decision was an easy one, starting when we visited Royal Union Insurance Brokers and noticed that there was no paper on their desks. We enquired with CEO Barry Pringle who immediately put us in touch with Peter Dexter. Peter helped us to understand what document management was all about and after his presentation, we were sold. What made the move even easier was the support we received from Brad and Brodwyn with loading all of our past work onto Volume and their assistance with how we would store information going forward.

We never thought that we would go completely paperless, but within no time we realised the benefits and within nine months we achieved a paperless environment. The savings in printing costs have been astronomical let alone the time saved in no longer having to try to locate files. All information is easily backed up, meeting FAIS requirements, which has certainly helped from a compliance perspective. We have also achieved substantial savings in office space as we no longer have filing cabinets.

The ongoing service we received from Watermark, the distributors of Volume South Africa, is excellent and we are never without someone who can assist if we need it.

With the Paper Cloud offering we no longer have to take files with us or download them as they are always available on our tablets.

Stuart Sinclair