Why we use VOLUME.

Towards the end of 2010, we were approached by Watermark Technology South Africa to have a look at their paperless filing system. This was brought about by the increasing lack of space at our disposal in various offices countrywide. At the time, Barry Pringle advised that he had a solution to solve our ever-reducing space crisis. In March 2011 we implemented VOLUME nationally.

Over the past 2 and a half years, we have successfully managed to integrate VOLUME 100% into each of our seven branches thereby reducing our ever-increasing dependency on large office spaces. During this time, we have managed to remove more than 95% of filing cabinets in our branches.

This brings us to the operational and efficiency side of this product. At first many of us were reticent to implement the product. However, once we saw and achieved the benefits and efficiencies of a filing system where documentation can no longer be misplaced, misfiled or destroyed, it was clearly evident that the benefits of the system far exceeded the financial implementation thereof.

The implementation of VOLUME has improved our operational efficiencies, disciplines and customer service to the level where any staff member, upon accessing client’s records, is immediately able to establish the current status of any specific matter – be it underwriting, claims or financial. This is beyond doubt the single biggest and operationally efficient strategy that we have ever embraced; saving us vast amounts of time through increased efficiencies, providing financial savings, through reduced office space requirements, improving our green footprint and increasing efficiencies in communicating current information to our brokers in respect our transactions.

VOLUME is without a doubt a necessity in every business.

James Bonner