We recently had the most phenomenal service from Brad when our Volume DB suddenly shut down. We were advised that it has been corrupted and naturally we were incredibly concerned as every bit of important information was filed electronically on this system! Our IT guy immediately got in touch with Brad who gave us a run-down of the situation and the options were had. For a small after-hours fee, we chose to start on the fix immediately. Bard may or may not have had plans but he put whatever he had aside and spent the night fixing our database. When I got in the next morning and opened my emails, I saw that he had kept myself and our IT guy up-to-date on what he was doing during the entire night. And by 10 am we were all able to log into Volume again without a single problem. The service received was truly amazing. So thank you so much, Brad, to you and the Volume team.

Kind regards
Forsyth & Nash Insurance Brokers